FMP Showreel


This is my Showreel for the FMP.




This is my final FMP with sound, I found it came out as well as I could have hoped, I used the song ‘Benzie Box’ from a collaboration album between Doom and DangerMouse. I also found some official Morph audio clips from Youtube Videos, which I converted to MP3 and clipped all the parts that I wanted.

Character Design Sketches

These are a few little sketches I did of the Morph character and the MF Doom mask just to give me the idea of how i should model him with the clay, unfortunately the mask couldn’t look any better than I did it after tough attempts but I think my sketches can make up for it.20170605_140653

The Doom Mask

MF Doom is by far one of the most influential rappers in the whole music industry and what makes him so insanely different is the Metal Face. The history behind this mask is down to comic books and Ancient Rome. When Doom (Daniel Dumile) was a child growing up in London he was influenced by cartoons and comics, so much so that his brother gave him the nickname Doom, in reference to DR Doom, the Fantastic Four villain. After Dumile’s brother had passed away, he took it upon himself to create a mask resembling Dr Doom with elements of a gladiator mask, in which case calling himself MetalFace Doom.IMG_0842

I brought MF Doom into my project because his music is influential and incredible and I would love to use him in a project, which then led to creating a Doom mask for Morph to wear during the animation. Though I used air drying clay as I thought it would work nicely as the mask wouldn’t move and change shape, it actually came out not so great but no matter how hard I tried, the air was catching it fine but making parts of the clay fall off, though I did add a layer of soft clay to the back of it to stick to Morph’s face.


Practices for Stop-Frame Animation

Practice 1

Practice 2

Practice 3

These are three very short practice films I have created using the Animate It! App to see how it works and give myself an idea of how I’m going to be making this short video. I found the software Simple to use and I worked out how to move the character with the smallest steps to make the animation flow a lot nicer as a while, while afterwards putting the frames per second up a lot more

I chose to use very basic movement as I thought this would be good for a practice as these are most of the things we will find in the Stop-Frame animation. I did find after I had created these figures weeks back, the actual figures themselves were drying slightly so the arms were quite fragile and one almost fell off, so afterwards I repaired the character by smoothing the gaps so that it will work a lot better next time I try.

Software Used

After some research into some different apps and software that helpswith Stop motion tasks and editing, I read very good reviews on the official Aardman app, at first I was very sceptical about it because I believed that it would be a children’s app very dumbed down without any good features.

I then downloaded the Lite version of the app just to see if the app was as good as people have said it was and to hopefully prove myself wrong and it was very true, the Aardman Animate It! App is actually fantastic to stop-frame animation. I then decided to buy the full version of the app because of how impressed I was with how it all turned out.

The app even allows you to control the frames per second and also the aspect ratio etc, all of these things would usually have to be done on your own if you were doing stop-frame animation in a traditional way. This app also has an onion skinning method which again I found so useful and helped blissfully with moving the character around screen.


Practice Characters

With noticing that I had way too much black and white plasticine in the box that I was given to create a Morph due to the fact that those colours are only needed for Morph’s eyes, I decided to create some practice characters of the top of my head to get into the idea of moulding a figure. The characters look extremely zany and obscure but they have me some help when it came to creating the real Morph.

Equipment Used

My equipment used for this project really just goes down to plasticine, I used this specific type of modelling plasticine because it is exactly what I’m looking for because I am using Morph as the character in my short film. the plasticine was very easy to mould but has a few cracks one finished, this could be due to the fact of it being exposed to too much air.

the Morph figurines turned out fine and they are roughly 4″ in scale. There were instructions inside the box to help you develop your own Morph, though they gave plenty of white and black plasticine, you did not need to use so much because they would only be used for the eyes of Morph, so I worked out a way of putting the black plasticine in Morph’s mouth to give it a feel of depth.IMG_0835